Not at home

My husband and I moved to Tbilisi in June 2019. In late January 2020, I came to Ekaterinburg to settle some things. I stayed in the apartment of my friend’s parents, where she herself moved with a child during maternity leave. I had to return to Georgia in April, but the pandemic started, the borders closed, and I got stuck in Russia. I wasn’t ready for this situation, neither mentally nor financially. I turned from a guest into a person of a weird status. I couldn’t afford to rent an apartment and lived by turns with two families: with one on weekdays, with another on weekends.

At first, my situation depressed me. I was uncomfortable and ashamed. I felt foreign and odd. My things were in different apartments. I couldn’t carry them with me, so I even wore someone else’s clothes given to me by my hosts.

Gradually, I got used to my new lifestyle. Knowing their tastes, I shopped a particular set of groceries for each family. I helped with kids, with housekeeping, with pets. My friends’ son asked: “When will our Oksana come?” The hosts waited for me to visit them. I started feeling comfortable in each family. At home. At the same time, I knew that I am not a part of their family and can leave at any moment.

In May, I visited a friend in Chelyabinsk and photographed myself in his room, in his home clothes. That is how I started the Not At Home series.

I took pictures of myself everywhere I lived even for the shortest time. Most often, in a photograph, I am wearing my hosts’ clothes. But in some pictures, I am in my own clothes, and surprisingly, they are in harmony with the space that belongs to my friends.

the time that I spent in the apartments of different people, I realized that I can fit into any house and family and at the same time remain myself. In this project, I’m figuring out how I look and feel when I’m not at home.

June 2021, Republic, Moscow “Not at home”
March 2021, Such things, Saint-Petersburg “Not at home”

Personal interactive exhibition “Not at home”, 2023, Yekaterinburg 

 “Strelka” Youth coworking

Not at home. Portrait photographer Oxana Prikhodko

There are no words, what magic! Thank you. I said it personally and publicly. Oksana is a genius, a hero of the time. The interview is a meditation. Thanks to all the participants of this miracle❤️‍🔥 

Angelica Tsiperson, fashion designer, psychologist.