Oksana Prikhodko (1982) was born in Angarsk, Irkutsk Region. 

In her work, she addresses themes of self-identification, relationships between individuals, establishing connections between a person and a specific place, home. She touches upon and examines social issues through the image of a person. She works in the genres of portrait, self-portrait, documentary, and art photography. 

Since June 2019, she has been living in Tbilisi, Georgia and travels for photo shoots to Russia.

Since December 29, 2021, she is a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia.
In 2023, she mastered the profession of a promotional engineer.

Exhibitions and awards

• 2023 Personal interactive exhibition “Not at home”, Yekaterinburg

• 2022 All-Russian exhibition and competition “Young Artists 2022”, Orenburg 

• 2022 Group exhibition “Don’t forget me” based on the results of the course “The Art of the Archive”, Yekaterinburg 

• 2021-2022 Group exhibition “FotoSoyuz.Unity”, Suzdal, Kaluga

2021 Group anti-exhibition “Field of Bodies”, “My family and I”, St. Petersburg

2021 Group exhibition “The City in Me”, Yoshkar-Ola

• 2019 Personal exhibition in the framework of the art residence “Shishimskaya Gorka”, Yekaterinburg

• 2019 International group Photo Exhibition SUBLIMATION MILAN 2019, Milan, Italy

• 2019 Personal exhibition of the project “My Holland”, Yekaterinburg

• 2018 ART and MUSIC Festival/Metamorphoses, Yekaterinburg, laureate

• 2013 Group exhibition of the Ural branch of the NCCA within the framework of the international action “Night of Museums”, Yekaterinburg 

Education and workshops  

• 2024 Course “Fine-Art photo Processing”, Anna Krauklis School of Contemporary Photography

• 2022 Author’s course by Tatiana Tkacheva, online intensive “(Post)Documentary photography as a tool for working on history” 

• 2022 Educational course “The Art of the Archive” of the association of author’s educational initiatives “People’s Universities 2.0” in partnership with the Center for Contemporary Photography “March”, Yekaterinburg

• 2020-2022  Academy of Documentary and Art Photography “Fotografika”, St.Petersburg  

• 2018 Master class of the photographer and art director from the Republic of South Africa, the author of the videos of the group Die Antwoord Roger Ballen, Nizhny Tagil 

• 2013 Interdisciplinary laboratory for the documentary theater “NEDRAma” of the theater. Josef Beuys (Moscow), organized by the Ural branch of the NCCA, Yekaterinburg

• 2013 Master class of the French artist Guillaume Guerin, organized by the Metenkov House, Yekaterinburg

• 2013 Art school within the framework of the Year of Germany in Russia, organized by the Ural branch of the NCCA in Yekaterinburg together with the Goethe Institute, curated by artist and designer Frauke Telkin, Yekaterinburg


• 2023 Photo exhibition “Through the City”, Yekaterinburg

• 2020 online photo club “Air”


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Lens Culture, Portrait Awards 2023

Lens Culture, Black and White Photography Awards 2022

Harbor Review, #9 Harbor Review “The forgotten body” 

June 2021, Republic, Moscow “Not at home”

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