Portrait of a beautiful girl

Hello! My name is Oksana. 

I am a portrait photographer — I create personal adult, business, children’s and family portraits. I work in different styles: historical, modern, fashion and other styles. 

To preserve family traditions and memory, personal experiment, public publications and business goals. 

I am also good at shooting interior, surroundings, objects, atmosphere — everything that can be used for visual content of social networks, publications in online and offline publications, for personal and family archives.

Like any commercial photographer, I have my own peculiarities when shooting. I want to voice them in order to improve mutual understanding at all stages of our joint work.

• We determine the number of photos as soon as you voice your request. Most often I send you more than agreed, as a nice bonus.⠀

• We are working on portraits together. I am interested in the best result, just like you. A good portrait is a combination of many factors: my work, your experiences and emotions, facial expressions, gaze, posture, mood. All this should form in an instant into a single ensemble. If the frame didn’t work out, I’m not giving it to you. You only get good shots. The sources remain with me as working material. 

• Who decides if the shot is a good one? In this case, I decide. You turned to me for the shooting. Behind my aesthetics, with a certain degree of trust in me. My observation and professionalism are enough to distinguish a good picture from a bad one, an excellent one from a good one. I constantly improve my skills at courses and master classes, shoot, teach in the framework of the photo club “Air”, I am continuously engaged in self-education. I have solid portfolios on the websites of Vogue, ICONIC, Sguardo. 

• Before the start of shooting, we sign a model release in which you allow your photos to be used for publications in social networks.social networks, magazines and public sites, send to festivals, contests, exhibitions. You can refuse to sign the model release, but then the price of photography will increase by 50%. 

• I sign up for shooting on a pre-payment: 30% of the cost of shooting. Prepayment is first of all your guarantee that the shooting will take place. If for some reason I cancel the shooting (there has not been such a case in my practice yet), then I will refund the prepayment to you. If you cancel the shooting seven days before it starts, then I will refund you the prepayment in full. If later than seven days, I will not refund the prepayment. Such deadlines are because I am on the road and the money received in advance goes to pay for tickets and accommodation. 

• Studio (location), the work of a make-up artist, stylist, costume designer, postizher is paid separately (except for shooting a homage portrait and a light portrait). I am glad to offer you the following services.

I am glad to offer you the following services.

Portrait-homage to an artistic painting

Portrait photographer Oksana Prikhodko. Portrait photographer Oxana Prikhodko

Together with you, we choose the picture for which we will shoot homage. Then we select a costume, accessories, props to repeat the image from the reference picture.

As a result, you will have an homage portrait to the artist’s painting with my author’s collage details from the original.

I will prepare the portrait for printing (I will print it out and arrange it according to your request). You will also have up to ten variations of the main portrait in the electronic version. 

The duration of photography is 1.5 hours.

 The cost of photography starts from 250$.

Modern portrait photo shoot (studio or in a selected location) 

Artistic portrait of a sleeping girl

We will determine the place for shooting. The props and accessories prepared by me will be waiting for you. 

As a result, you will have 15 photos prepared for publication in publications and social networks.networks. 

One portrait will be printed and decorated according to your desire. 

The duration of the photo shoot is 2 hours.    

The cost of photography starts from 215$. 

Portrait photo session (personal, family, with children, group)  

Family portrait of a mother with children

We will determine the place for shooting. The props and accessories prepared by me will be waiting for you. Also, at your request, we will make a flower arrangement that will complement the image, make it more multifaceted and filled. 

As a result of the photo shoot, you will have a printed and decorated portrait, as well as 10 photos in electronic form. The duration of the photo shoot is 1,5 hours.    

The cost of photography
- personal starts from 182$

- family (group) starts from 220$. 

Portrait in the interior (family and personal portraits in your home, office, any other location)  

Portrait in the interior

I will come to your home, we will pick up clothes, choose a place in the house and conduct the shooting in the most comfortable environment for you. Also, maybe you have a favorite place outside the house — no problem! We will organize the shooting there. We will organize the shooting there. You can order such a portrait for yourself, your family, a group of friends or employees.

As a result of the photo shoot, you will have a printed and decorated portrait, as well as from 10 photos of you in your interior (location).

The duration of the photo shoot is 1,5 hours.    

The cost of photography is 117$ (regardless of the number of people).

Street style shooting

Family group portrait

We will walk through the streets of the city and take black-and-white photos in two images. Dynamic and stylish. 

As a result of our walk, you will receive two series of 10 photos. 

I will give the photos the next day after the shooting. 

The duration of the photo shoot is 30-40 minutes. 

The cost of photography is 80$.

Light portrait 

Art portrait of a man with a pitchfork

In a certain place for shooting, we will assemble a unique image in 15 minutes with the help of props and accessories prepared in advance by me.

A minimum of preparation from you — a cool portrait from me! As a result, you will have a portrait prepared for publication in the social network.networks and up to 10 of its variations.

The duration of the photo shoot is about an hour.    

The cost of photography starts from 80$.


You contact me via the form.  

Voice your request.  

Send me 2-3 of your photos.  

I think about the images, show you the references (except for Light portraits). 

We set the day and time of the shooting.

ATTENTION! I guarantee the publication of your photos in foreign publications!